Surgical Services

Safety and the comfort of your pet are our top priorities. Safety begins with a complete physical and a custom tailored blood panel appropriate for their age and medical condition. Blood tests help us detect any hidden medical problems that may not be obvious on the physical exam.

An IV catheter and fluids maintain hydration and allow instant access for IV drug delivery. Pulse, respiratory rate, oxygen perfusion, temperature and depth of anesthesia are monitored. In addition, we provide hands-on monitoring as well.

Postoperatively, your pet's comfort and pain control are our top priorities. Pain medications are given before, during and after surgery on a case-by-case basis to ensure your pet’s swift recovery.

Every effort will be made to contact you at the phone number you specify following your pet’s procedure to let you know everything is OK. We will let you know what time you can pick up your pet. At discharge, you will be given instructions regarding your pet’s home care. We will go over any medications being sent home as well.

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