Parasite, Heartworm, Flea Prevention Services

Failing to give regular monthly de-worming/heartworm medications to your pet can expose you and your family to serious parasitic diseases. People get infected with animal parasites by accidentally swallowing microscopic eggs spread through pet feces and direct penetration of larvae into the body from contaminated soil. The eggs hatch into larvae (microscopic “baby” worms) that migrate rapidly throughout our body potentially causing severe, allergic reactions in organs and tissues. Larvae never develop into intestinal worms in humans like they do in our pets.

People who are at greater risk:

  • Children
  • Diabetics and anyone “Immune Compromised”
  • Elderly
  • Cancer patients – chemotherapy
  • Hypothyroid
  • Pregnant
  • Transplant patients

The good news is that the monthly heartworm medications prescribed also protect your pet from contagious intestinal parasites.

Once-a-month chewable Sentinel Spectrum® for dogs and topical Revolution® for cats will protect your pet from roundworms, hookworms and whipworms (dogs) every month and also protect your pets from mosquito transmitted heartworm disease.

Heartworm Disease

What is heartworm disease?

Heartworm disease is one of the major health problems of dogs in the US and throughout the temperate and tropical areas of the world. It is now being found in cats in ever increasing numbers. The disease develops when a pet becomes infected with parasites called Dirofilaria immitis transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Dogs may be infected by a few or up to several hundred heartworms, often growing to ten or twelve inches. Cats are similarly infected although usually by only a few worms. Heartworm infection often leads to severe lung disease and heart failure and can damage other organs in the body as well.

Feline Heartworm Disease - Indoor Cats Get Heartworms Too!

There is NO cure for Feline Heartworm Disease. Once-monthly topically applied Feline Revolution® will prevent this potentially fatal disease in cats.

Preventing canine heartworm disease is simple and safe

  • Once-a-month chewable Sentinel Spectrum ®
    • Prevents heartworm infection
    • Protects your dog from Intestinal parasites (Roundworms, Hookworms, Whipworms and Tapeworms)
    • Prevents fleas from breeding and stops their life cycle

Flea Prevention

We have selected only the most effective and safest products available. Flea prevention is tailored to your pet’s specific exposure and lifestyle. This can be accomplished without the use of messy topical products in most cases. This is very important in light of the introduction of many new topical products appearing on TV ads, some of which are highly toxic and even have “Black Box” warnings on their label mandated by the FDA –the same type of warning that is on cigarettes! Gone too are the days of “bombs,” “foggers,” and yard sprays!

For dogs we recommend Bravecto, a chewable pill that kills fleas and ticks for 3 months!

For cats, we recommend Feline Revolution.

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