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Complete Medical, surgical and dental care, in-house laboratory, diagnostic imaging (X-Ray), State of the art anesthesia and pain control.

A complete Physical Exam is an important first step to make sure your pet has a long healthy life. Pets age much faster than we do. One “human year” equals  four to seven “animal years” and they are genetically programmed to “mask” illness and injury.  A physical exam consists of the following:

  • A thorough doctor’s examination of all your pet’s body systems with extra attention paid to any problem areas.
  • A vaccine protocol specifically tailored for your pet based on his or her age, breed, health issues, and lifestyle.
  • A discussion of heartworm, flea, and intestinal parasite prevention to protect your pet and your family.
  • A thorough discussion of any treatments, procedures or medications needed to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.
  • Answering any questions you or your family might have about the health, diet, behavior, care, or comfort of your furry family member.

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