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Blood testing is important when it comes to a pet’s health since they’re aging much faster and can’t tell us how they feel. Blood tests allow us to diagnose and treat diseases much earlier. This benefits both our patients and their owners.

Equally important is taking the time to explain to a pet owner what the results mean and we want you, the pet owner, to really understand what is going on so that we can work together to keep your pet healthy and well for as long as possible.

Things to consider when it comes to Wellness Blood Testing for our pets:

1.  Pets age faster than humans. For every year that passes our pets age 4 to 7 years depending on size and breed.
2.  Our pets can’t talk and tell us what they are feeling and they are genetically programmed to “mask” illnesses and injuries. They hide their vulnerability to predators in  nature in order to survive.
3.  Blood testing is a routine part of our own physical exam. What would our doctors be able to tell us about our own health without blood work? Guessing about our health or our pets is never a good idea.
4.  Early detection and treatment of disease is always better and less costly than the alternative.
5.  Regular blood testing serves as a “baseline” to compare over time making it easier to detect changes in organ function or blood chemistries.

These facts make laboratory testing a critical step in insuring a long and healthy life for our pets.

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